Monday, March 2, 2009

our little reader

This year in Kindergarten Caley has been learning her letters and numbers and how they go together. Especially in the area of words and then sentences. We ask her when we are reading books at night to help us read them and on occasion she will tell us the words she knows. Well last night after small group we are usually hurrying around trying to get them in bed quickly because it's late and they need their sleep.

I walked out of her room to get something and she told me on the way out she was going to read the bible tonight. I said ok, I'll be right back. So I came back to her room and David and Blake were there and this was what she was reading:

Matthew 1:1-3 in King James (I'm typing exactly as it's written in this little New Testament so you can see what a good job she was doing sounding out the words. We were really impressed, she did need help with the hard words)

1. The book of the generation of Je'sus Christ, the son od Da'vid, the son of A'bra-ham.
2. A'bra-ham begat I'saac; and I'saac begat Ja'cob; and Ja'cob begat Ju'das and his brethren.
3. And Ju'das begat Pha'res and Za'ra of Tha'mar; and Pha'res begat Es'rom; and Es'rom begat A'ram.

She did good and you can see from the way it's written that it was a hard thing for our little reader to figure out with all the weird apostrophe's and when she would get to the next verse she would say the number too. So we are going to get her a different bible that will be a little easier to read than the KJV.


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That is amazing that she figured that out. We really like the ICB (International Children's Bible) version for children. Bob Chisolm translated some of the OT Books and said that it has been so popular and easy to read that adults wanted their own version. I think it is called the Everyday Bible, but I could be wrong. Anyway, we have really liked the seems to stick with a more traditional translation except in passages where words or concepts are difficult to understand. But my older two girls both seem to be able to read it without much help (except with concepts). Just thought I would share. I really enjoy your blog, thanks for taking the time to post. Katie