Monday, March 2, 2009

it's the little things

This weekend was really great and we had two milestones. Well maybe they aren't really milestones but we (David and myself) thought they were pretty cool. On Saturday night after dinner we needed to give Blake a haircut but we really don't like to give him one because he has the biggest meltdown each time. So after dinner we told him that it was time for a haircut and he does the normal which is he starts crying and I carry him down the stairs. I tell him it's ok and then hand him to David who normally has to hold him down while I give him the world's quickest haircut. We Saturday he decided that it wasn't that bad to have his haircut and was laughing and telling us how he could see his hair on the floor and how cool it was. So we were giving him praise big time on how big of a boy he was and that he did a great job. Then when I was finished he said, "I don't need a haircut tomorrow right?"

Then yesterday (Sunday) we have what's called The Mountain at church for the kids and it's a really fun program and they have backpacks and shirts and it's just a fun place to learn about Jesus. So each week since January we drop Caley off at her class and then walk down the hall to Blake's class where he proceeds to cry and throw a mini-tantrum about not wanting to go to his class and saying the teachers are tape (see previous post). But after he's there for about 2 minutes he has the best time, it's just getting him through the doorway that's the problem. Anyway yesterday before we got to church Blake told me that he liked his class and that Mr. James was his buddy. So we got to church walked Caley to her class and then walked down the hall to Blake's room and he let go of my hand and went running to the door and ran in the class and grabbed Mr. James' hand that was it.

We were so excited we almost didn't know how to react.

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Starr said...

His poor teacher would have been crushed if he knew Blake thought he was "tape". :-)