Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ring ring

Yesterday after school Caley was so excited to show me what was in her backpack. So I wait patiently while she gets her shoes off and gets a snack and then she says, "Ok mom look at this." She pulls out the Jay Shideler Student Directory, it's has all the kids phone numbers and addresses in it. She was so excited we had to look at every page and she wanted to know the name of the teacher on each page so I told her.

Then she says, "Can I call a number?" I said, "No, you don't just call a number but you can call a friend." Then she says, "Ok, I'll call Taylor and say Happy Halloween." I said, "No, you can call her and have a conversation but you don't just call a friend to say Happy Halloween."

So we dial her number and I explain to Caley how to ask to talk to her friend and she did a really good job (I of course was the proud mom). So Caley and Taylor talk on the phone for about 30 minutes which I thought was so funny because Caley doesn't really like to talk on the phone and if she does it's to Daddy or Gramma and usually it's not longer than a few minutes.

So I guess that we've entered a new phase of talking on the phone after school, hopefully it won't happen every day. But if it does I guess that's ok too. I need to do a better job of showing her how to turn the phone off though because I did notice about 7:30 that the phone still said "Phone on" and they ended their phone conversation about 5:00.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

you don't even . . .

Tonight at bedtime we sang the usual songs, "Away in the Manger" and "Joy to the World". Yes we know it's not Christmas and yes we have been singing these songs for the past 3 years every night. Anyway back to the point of this post. David asked if anyone saw something that God made and then we could pray and thank God for this. Caley said that she was thankful for the really strong wind today. So she prayed and thanked God for the really strong wind.

Then I take Blake into his room and David stays to tell Caley goodnight and then we switch places. Well, David comes into Blake's room and says that he's heard the funniest line of the night and asks me if I want to here it. I say sure.

So David says that he lays down on Caley's bed and pretends to go to sleep and starts to pretend snore and such and she says to him,

"You don't even want me to bust on you"
Enough said.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the letter "t"

Each week Caley's class studies a letter of the alphabet and they learn a song, learn about an animal, and words that start with that letter. Also her class has traveling books that they send home with the kids that have drawings of things that start with the letter. The book that got sent home last night was the letter "T". So each kid draws something that starts with this letter. I have to admit that the pictures that the kids draw are so cute and usually you can recognize what the picture is supposed to be. Here's our little artist's rendition of the "toilet."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

you know you live in Kansas when . . .

it's Oct. 2nd and your house is 66 degrees and you have to turn the heat on to warm it up to 69 degrees. I didn't want this day to come so soon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So lately Blake has been enthralled with knives. He knows not to touch them he just really likes to talk about them and who can use them. He talks about how they are really sharp and can cut you on the face. Below is a list he tells me when we are talking about knives.

Who can not use knives:
Blakers (that's what he calls himself)
Caley bugs (that's what he calls her)
little kids
Bozzy and Noah

Who can use knives:
Daddy (because he's a big dad)
God (because he's our other big dad)
Gramma and Papa

Boys, they are so much different than little girls.

i need help . . .

These are my least favorite words to hear in the middle of the night or in the early morning, they usually come from Blake when he's lost his covers and can't figure out how to get them back on. I did hear them this morning and by the time I got to his room the poor little guy was trying so hard to get them back on himself but he just couldn't get it figured out. Thankfully he went back to sleep for about 30 more minutes!

high school musical

Tomorrow night we are taking the kids to see High School Musical on Ice. They are both very excited but Caley more so than Blake. This morning we were talking about how it's only one more day till we go. Caley asks me, "Is it going to be real people?" I said, "Yes it is real people in costumes who are dancing and singing on ice skates." Then she asks, "Is is going to be the same show that we watch on TV?" So I think that she doesn't really understand what we are going to see except that it's High School Musical. I'll post some pictures in a couple days.

Here are some pics that we took at High School Musical. It was worth the $10 a ticket to go and e it, especially to see the kids excitement.