Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ring ring

Yesterday after school Caley was so excited to show me what was in her backpack. So I wait patiently while she gets her shoes off and gets a snack and then she says, "Ok mom look at this." She pulls out the Jay Shideler Student Directory, it's has all the kids phone numbers and addresses in it. She was so excited we had to look at every page and she wanted to know the name of the teacher on each page so I told her.

Then she says, "Can I call a number?" I said, "No, you don't just call a number but you can call a friend." Then she says, "Ok, I'll call Taylor and say Happy Halloween." I said, "No, you can call her and have a conversation but you don't just call a friend to say Happy Halloween."

So we dial her number and I explain to Caley how to ask to talk to her friend and she did a really good job (I of course was the proud mom). So Caley and Taylor talk on the phone for about 30 minutes which I thought was so funny because Caley doesn't really like to talk on the phone and if she does it's to Daddy or Gramma and usually it's not longer than a few minutes.

So I guess that we've entered a new phase of talking on the phone after school, hopefully it won't happen every day. But if it does I guess that's ok too. I need to do a better job of showing her how to turn the phone off though because I did notice about 7:30 that the phone still said "Phone on" and they ended their phone conversation about 5:00.

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Prof_Hinkle said...

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