Sunday, October 26, 2008

you don't even . . .

Tonight at bedtime we sang the usual songs, "Away in the Manger" and "Joy to the World". Yes we know it's not Christmas and yes we have been singing these songs for the past 3 years every night. Anyway back to the point of this post. David asked if anyone saw something that God made and then we could pray and thank God for this. Caley said that she was thankful for the really strong wind today. So she prayed and thanked God for the really strong wind.

Then I take Blake into his room and David stays to tell Caley goodnight and then we switch places. Well, David comes into Blake's room and says that he's heard the funniest line of the night and asks me if I want to here it. I say sure.

So David says that he lays down on Caley's bed and pretends to go to sleep and starts to pretend snore and such and she says to him,

"You don't even want me to bust on you"
Enough said.

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