Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So lately Blake has been enthralled with knives. He knows not to touch them he just really likes to talk about them and who can use them. He talks about how they are really sharp and can cut you on the face. Below is a list he tells me when we are talking about knives.

Who can not use knives:
Blakers (that's what he calls himself)
Caley bugs (that's what he calls her)
little kids
Bozzy and Noah

Who can use knives:
Daddy (because he's a big dad)
God (because he's our other big dad)
Gramma and Papa

Boys, they are so much different than little girls.


teampischke said...

they are different... hence why I am reading Bringing up Boys RIGHT NOW....

The Hinkle Hut said...

I should read that book also.