Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Future quilter

I've been working on a couple rag quilts for a friend who is getting ready to have twin girls. Caley has been somewhat interested in what I've been working on so she's been helping out a little. She has helped pick out the fabrics and then I've let her tell me what colors to put next to another color. I've finished the quilts and here they are:

Each of the quilts has the same fabrics in them but they are different. I thought this was fitting since my friend is having twins.

This morning Caley has been doing a lot of coloring and tearing the pages out of the color book and making up stories to go along with the pages. I was working on another sewing project this morning and Caley told me that she was going to make a quilt out of her color sheets with her tape so I told her go ahead and make it and then I'll take a look at it. Well it turned out really cute and hopefully she will stay interested in quilting and sewing. I know that would make both of her Gramma's so proud.


teampischke said...

you sure know alot of people with twins...

Kelly said...

I'm always impressed with your craftiness! Cute quilts!