Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A future in the fashion industry?

Over the weekend my parents were visiting. We had a really great time playing with the kids, shopping, eating out, swimming, the guys were also able to do some golfing which they LOVE! One night after dinner Caley and Blake wanted to show Gramma and Papa their band. So we told them to set it up in the living room and we'd be in there as soon as we cleaned up the kitchen from dinner. So instead of being patient and waiting they brought the band to us. Their band consists of them and their instruments. Their instruments are the ukelele's, the little Cheetah Girls keyboard and the drums that are the top of the Lincoln Logs container, the two little white chairs and colored pencils for the drum sticks. Anyway it was really cute and they made Daddy get down on the floor and play the keyboard. After a couple minutes of playing their songs Caley decided she needed to get her band outfit on and this is what she ended up dressed in. So a future in the fashion industry is questionable at this point in time.

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