Tuesday, February 17, 2009

January 2009

I haven't posted anything in a long while so I thought I'd just post some pictures to show you what we've been up tp these days.

I celebreated by 34th birthday on the 12th. It was a fun day and a great Italian Creme Cake for dessert.

It was cowboy/cowgirl day for the Kindergarten kids at Caley's school and being the city folk that we are she didn't have anything to wear. So I made her a little skirt out of 4 bandanas. It's was fun to make and she loved it. Blake was on an OU kick and the outfit of choice was a warm-up suit, that was a size 12 months so they are a bit short of him. He didn't care and obviously we didn't care that he wore them around the house "only!"
I'm sure that there are other things I could share about our January but that is now in the past and I'll try to do better about posting the funny things as they happen.

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