Monday, January 26, 2009

money savers

In hopes to spend our grocery money wisely I've changed how I buy lunch meat and sliced cheese. I read this in a book called America's Cheapest Family. They say never to buy prepackaged lunch meat because it's so expensive for the amount that you get so I keep reading to find out what I should do. They go on to say to buy a boneless ham or turkey breast and take it to the deli counter and have them slice it, it ends up being a lot cheaper than regular lunch meat. And I have to agree, it cost me $6.98 for 5 lbs. of lunch meat that I had the deli slice for me versus $2.98 for about 8 oz. of prepackaged lunch meat. So I'm at Wal-Mart yesterday and I need some cheese so I did the same thing, I picked up a 32 oz. block of Colby Cheese for $7.00 and took it to the deli and had them slice it and now have lots of cheese versus 32 slices for $6.50 for the package I normally buy. I wish I would have thought of this about 11 years ago.

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