Thursday, January 1, 2009

oh my aching back . . .

Well not really my back by the muscles in my stomach/side. Somehow I've really pulled or ripped or did something to the muscles on the right side. The pain was so bad the Saturday before Christmas I thought that I might need my appendix taken out. Anyway it turned out not to be my appendix but some muscles in my stomach that I've hurt. I even have a bruise about 4 inches long to prove it although I'm not showing anyone. So I survived Christmas and fun times with my side of the family and we are back home and back to the normal routine for the Hinkle Hut.

So a couple night ago we started a new bible story book and we read the first story about God creating the earth and then we wrote down what we are thankful for in our Thankfulness notebook. We each say it out loud before we write it down and I said, "that I was thankful to be home and that my side was feeling better." And Caley looks up at me and says, "Oh Boo Hoo, Mom." So I don't really know what to say back to her so I look at David and he's laying on the floor laughing at what had just been said. Caley just has a smile on her face and I'm sitting there speechless.

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