Thursday, January 1, 2009

January Favorite Things

In an effort to keep my house in better order for 2009 these are 4 of my favorite cleaning helps.

I got a new dustbuster because mine bit the dust. It works great! I had had my other one for 4 years and it just wasn't doing it's job so great anymore. With two kids I use it quite frequently.
Next on the list is my new Eureka "The Boss" floor cleaner. It's like vacuum but for hard surfaces.

Third on the list is Scrubbing Bubbles wipes. I like them because if you need to clean or touch up the bathroom but don't have time for a full cleaning you can use these and then toss them in the toilet and there's no dirty rags to worry about.

Last on my list is something I haven't gotten yet but my sisters and mom love it. It's the Bissell Steam Mop for cleaning hard surfaces without the need of a mop. I'm going to get one with my birthday money. I've very excited about this purchase coming up this month.

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