Monday, November 17, 2008

pizza family night

This past Friday we did our first "official" family night, except that we did it at lunch because we had plans later that day. So we decided to make pizza for lunch and pizza cookies for dessert. First we made the cookies so that they would be cooked and cooled so we could decorate them after we ate our pizza. Caley and Blake were excited that they were going to have pizza cookies. I just bought the Pillsbury shortbread cookie sheets and we used a cookie cutter to cut them out.

We made 4 large pizza cookies and 4 small pizza cookies. They wanted to make more but we ran out of dough.

Next we played the "Pizza Game." For this we had 6 different colors of felt that were cut in the shapes we needed for pizza. We had crust, sauce, cheese, olives, green peppers and some meat. We assigned numbers 1-6 for each item for the pizza and then we took turns rolling the dice to try and get the 6 pieces that we need to make our pizza.

Blake ended up winning the game but we all had a lot of fun playing it. And we've played it through out the weekend.

Here are our pizza's once we finished the game. The picture is kind of hard to see so here's the list of the numbers that we assigned to each item. 1. crust 2. sauce 3. cheese 4. green pepper 5. olives 6. meat.I also wrote the items in the same color so that it would be easier for the kidsespecially since they can't read yet they could figure out what they needed by the color.

Next we moved on to making our pizza's. We let the kids make their own and they got to choose what they wanted on top. They both just chose sauce and cheese. Then I made a pizza for David and myself and we cooked them and then had lunch. Caley's pizza is on the left and Blake's is on the right. After we ate them we decorated out pizza cookies. It was really fun and no too were the same.

Caley's pizza cookie had some candy corn on it.

Blake's pizza cookie included a big blog of icing and lots of chocolate chips.

Needless to say this was a fun and creative way to spend time as a family. Keep posted for the next Hinkle Family Night.

(Like my friend Starr said in her blog about their families night. Just because all the pictures have smiles and everyone looks have and that we are having a great time. It wasn't without a few arguements and kids getting upset with each other.)


RevDHink said...

It really was a great day together. I look forward to this week's family night!

The Raders said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

the dunks said...

Just FYI, I took away the pacifier yesterday. Nap time was not pretty but bedtime was not horrible. Nap today was bad again but we were a few hours late and already overtired. Bedtime went super tonight though, so... hopefully we have conquered it. We bought a new puppy to snuggle with yesterday morning. Thanks for the wisdom and encouragement to be strong.