Sunday, November 30, 2008

being thankful

Every family has lots to be thankful for each day of the year. So we've decided to start doing bedtime a little different at our home. We were reading a bible story and then a short book and then praying before we put the kids to bed. But with 4 people on a twin bed that doesn't leave much room for paying attention to the story when the two little people just want to climb on top of daddy.

So we've moved our bible story time to 7:00 pm in the living room and it's worked so much better, the kids are paying attention and asking questions about the story and Jesus. Yeah! We've also started keeping a notebook of the things that we are thankful for each day. I bought a cute notebook from Target and each night after the bible story we talk about what we were thankful for that day. Caley gets to write down her own with a little help from mom and dad. She can do that now since she's a big girl in Kindergarten she tells us. Blake tells us what he wants us to write down and then he makes a few marks on the page because he's a big boy and can do it himself.

It's been really neat to listen to what the kids are thankful for each day and takes the focus off ourselves and we can focus a few minutes on Christ and show the kids that it's important to think of others and not ourselves. I'm looking forward to keeping track and then in a few years going back and reading them with the kids and watching them grow through being thankful.

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