Monday, August 4, 2008

A new chapter unfolds

You know when you have your first baby and they are so cute and all they do is eat and sleep and go to the bathroom. Those times were so fun and easy most days. I thought that it would last forever. When your baby is little and you think they are going to be with me always and then all of the sudden they are 5 and starting kindergarten next week! I didn't think that this day would come so quickly. I thought, "wow I have 5 years till she starts school." Then in April my friend whose daughter was in kindergarten this past year brings me the paper for Kindergarten roundup. I thought to myself, it's happening to soon. So I thought over the summer we'll have so much fun and do lots of stuff which we have and it's been a great. But it's going to come to a screeching halt next week when my baby gets on the school bus to go to school. She's very excited and I know she's ready it's just another adjustment in our lives that we have to accept and deal with even though it's come to quickly.

Today was enrollment day so we went to the school and turned in all the paperwork that you need for your kids to go to school. Caley was excited and wanted to know if she could ride the bus home today. I had to tell her, "no, that's next week." I signed up to help in her class like all mom's do and I'm excited to be there and be involved but I still think to myself, "is this really happening?"

On Monday of next week we get to go and meet the teacher and have ice cream and hopefully meet some new friends and if they rode on her bus that would be perfect. Then she goes to school for real on Wednesday. Poor little Blake will be lonesome without his big sister to play with during the day. What will we do?

So I guess that we are entering a new chapter in our lives that we thought was in the far off future. So we'll embrace this chapter and enjoy it while it's here because before we know it, it will be gone and another one will come.

So now we'll cheer, "Go Junior Blues!"


Starr said...

She'll do great! Ryan was in Kindergarten last year. The first day of school I managed to hold it together pretty well around Ryan, but when I got out of the building I bawled like a baby. :-) And now in 3 weeks he starts 1st grade! Crazy how time flies.

The Hinkle Hut said...

Wow I'd love it if Caley had 3 weeks till we started school that would be so nice.