Thursday, July 1, 2010

summer sewing

The other day Caley and I were looking at the website called Skip to my Lou and she had a post for Embroidery for kids. Caley saw the picture of this cute little flower that you embroider and then make a pillow and she asked if she could make one. I said of course because I love to do crafts and sewing and stuff like that. Plus I was super excited that she wanted to do it and it's giving her something to do this summer. She drew her flower on a piece of blank paper, then we traced it with a transfer pencil. Next we ironed it on to the yellow fabric she chose from my fabric stash. Then we had to make a fast trip to Joann's to buy a small hoop and of course she chose a pink one.
The she started to sew her flower. She chose pink for the petals and purple for the middle of the flower.
This is the flower finished before we made it into a pillow. I let her choose the fabric that she wanted for the border, ruffle and back. I sewed the pillow for her but next time I think she can do a little bit of the sewing.

So here's her finished project. She is so proud that she did it all by herself with only a little help from mom. Today she is starting her second project which is a cute picture of 2 strawberries that she wants to make into another pillow. She found the picture in her Strawberry Shortcake coloring book. I'll post a picture once she finishes.


teampischke said...

glad you are blogging more.. Way to pass on that creative juice to C...

Diane said...

Thank you! I wanted to do something like this with my two granddaughters, 5.5 yrs old and 6. Hearing of your experience helps so much. What a great way to use the internet!