Friday, July 23, 2010

let's worship

This week the kids have been attending another church's VBS called High Seas Expedition. They have been having a great time and tonight is the ice cream social and their little program. They are very excited. So last year when they went I bought them the shirts thinking that they would love them which wasn't the case, so this year when I signed them up I told them I wasn't buying the shirts because they didn't wear last years. On Thursday when I picked them up Blake really wanted a shirt and I said I probably wasn't buying them because of what happened last year. Well today I caved and bought him a shirt and Caley wanted the CD with the songs that they've been singing.

She turned the CD on before lunch and we listened to it before, during and after lunch. David and I were still sitting at the table visiting after we ate and they were in the living room singing and dancing. Caley comes running to the kitchen and she says to us, "Come on, let's worship Jesus!"

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Kelly said...

Our kids did the High Seas VBS at another church this year as well and loved it! I didn't know you could buy the CD of the music. I bet my kids would love that as well. Looks like your trip to Colorado was super fun as well.