Tuesday, June 23, 2009

tastes like dirt

Yesterday at dinner the kids were eating and I said to them, "Hey guys, you want to try some of the lettuce it's from our garden?" They both say, "sure." Caley puts hers in her mouth and chews hers up and then spits it back on her plate. Blake puts his in his mouth, chews a couple times, then he looks at me and says, "hmmm, kinda tastes like dirt."

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Katie said...

I was reading this and laughing. Our lettuce tasted like dirt this week too. I am not tying to be a know it all, but if you plant lettuce in late Feb or early March it will taste a lot better, as it gets kind of bitter when it gets really hot out, and a freeze won't kill lettuce. The same is true of Spinach. If you already knew this, then totally ignore my know it all response, but I thought I would let you know anyway. We were in Topeka the other day at some museum that had a super cool kids area (that was free) and we really want to go back. Maybe our schedules would work out to meet and spend some time together. My email is katielovesherlord at gmail. Hope you are having a great summer. Katie