Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sick day

Caley is home from school today because she started throwing up this morning about 5:30. I'm not real fond of that time of the day. Anyway she was finally down to dry heaving so I let her and Blake lay on our bed and watch "Super Why" on PBS for a little while so I could check my email. So I come back about 10 minutes later to see how she's feeling and there's some puke on our sheet and the comforter and the bed skirt and the pillow sham that's on the floor and I'm wondering why she didn't get to the bathroom. I ask her how come you threw up on the bed and her reply was, "I didn't want to miss the show." Needless to say I was a little bit upset that she puked on the bed just to keep up with her tv show. Sick kids, gotta love them.

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teampischke said...

Paige thre up all night too.. WELCOME WINTER...sigh
Here's praying the siblings do not get it!