Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kite Flying

For those of us who live in Kansas we know that the wind can be really strong as was the case today. It was raining and windy this morning but as Blake was waking up from his nap the sun came out and it started getting nice outside. So I'm thinking to myself this is great, David is out of town how can I burn a little time and some energy. So we head outside to play, although we can hardly get out the front door because the wind is so strong. We walk down to the mail box and get the mail and then get blown back home. So we pull out the sidewalk chalk and start to draw.

Caley says with excitement in her voice, "Mommy lets draw kites because it's so windy out!" So we start drawing kites and Blake even joins in but you can't really tell that he's drawing a kite but it was still fun and they had a great time.

Hopefully they will still be there tomorrow for Daddy to see.

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